Friday, August 08, 2008

PETA - Hang your heads in shame!

OK so I will start this off with an offtopic conversation. I am totally disgusted that anyone can take such a horrific tragedy and decide to take the pain and suffering and try to turn it into a way to garnish support for your cause. For those of you in the US who are probably not aware of what happened this week in Manitoba there was a man on a greyhound bus who was for no apparent reason just because...he is a psycho decided to stab a man to death then behead him and hold his head up high, gut him cut off parts of him and then take bites out of him. He was sleeping... Did nothing to invoke such complete and total anger. Anyways. PETA decided this was a good oppportunity to try to publish the statement to the left here in the local paper. I am so glad that no paper would dare do this. However just the thought that someone could be so uncaring and callous to even create this kind of ad shows us what is wrong with this world. I will take this chance to tell you that I am not a vegan or vegetarian and I have nothing against those that are... but how can you support someone who does something so cruel. This poor family is grieving.. really the whole nation seems to be. Tim (the victim) was 22 years old and he could have been anyone's brother, son, husband. So I repeat hang your head in shame.
OK Nnow that I am done with that rant... on to better things. WHERE IN THE HELL IS MY PERIOD!?? I am so annoyed that it is still MIA! HURRY UP AND COME DAMMIT! I am done the pills and I usually get it during the pills so what the hell? On a more positive note I have this wonderful new treat. Thank you TIFFY!! It is this shiatsu chair... i love the massage... my back feels soo wonderful.. I am so happy. I hope I can still use it when I am stimming it will help me relax... I will be doing that PLUS the acupuncture so that should really help release the stress from IVF. I have attached a picture.. I LOVE IT!
Something that made me laugh. Well I watched the finale of Last Comic Standing and laughed my ass off at Marcus.... sorry he should have won. Sometimes I wonder what America is thinking when they vote... I have had a myriad of emotions today actually. I woke up and I was so glad I had almost a full night of uninterrupted sex... I was so happy!! Then I came downstairs and I just started crying... I cannot even tell you why I just did. Tonight I watched Hopkins and Deliver me... Hopkins had you believing the guy got a successful liver transplant only to find out at the end that a couple months later he had a blocked artery and died. So I start thinking of how short life is and how unpredictable it can be... so I am crying... I decide OK I will watch deliver me now. This is a show about 3 OBGYNs and stories of pregnancies... sometimes it just makes me feel good to see happy endings.. especially when you don't think they will end that way... BUT this episode was just so sad.. woman contracted CSV in her first trimester... didn't end well... went in at 31 weeks to talk to a perineonatologist and they do an ultrasound... baby is gone already... Brought me right back to that moment when we found out Grace and Anna were gone... I remember looking at the ultrasound and seeing no more flicker of the heart.. no more movement no more life... My heart just broke for that poor woman. A pain I know all to well. SO again I am bawling my eyes out. OK ENOUGH OF THAT NONSENSE! I decide to come on and read the blogs of all the wonderful ladies online... I draw such strength from you all. You are my hope and my inspiration! I wish you knew how much you touch me with your honesty and strength. I have been working on a new look for my blog... for a while now. I finally get it done and it looks great to me.... NOW I HAVE TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET IT ON THE BLOG!!
If anyone knows how to get scrapblog onto your blog... please share!! I am losing my mind trying to navigate the HTML code.


Anonymous said...

I'm clueless when it comes to html code, so sorry, but I'm no help.

Maybe with all the emotions, AF is right around the corner. I know I get weepy around that time...

Niki said...

I'm seriously disgusted by this.

Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie

Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie
Always on our minds, Forever in our hearts (June 28, 2006)