Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cryptic days!?

OK I am so sorry for being so cryptic. SO SO SOOOO SORRY!! My sister had a scare with her pregnancy and it broke my heart to think that something could happen to her after all she had been through. She went to the clinic for an u/s because she was bleeding and in alot of pain but when she got there there was a hb and they even gave her a picture. Everything was fine. The doctor basically made her feel like she was overreacting for nothing. You cramp during pregnancy this is normal. The bleeding well its not from the uterus maybe corpus luteum or a polyp etc.. So they sent her home.. no bedrest no nothing... just see you at 12 weeks for your IPS.
We both knew there was more... but what can you do for the day? Well not 4 hours later she miscarried. At home thinking to herself that son of a bitch doctor. How the hell could he not have known!? He didn't listen! He didn't respect her enough that she knew something was wrong. He didn't open the file to notice she has been through this several times before. He is totally useless and in my opinion should have his license revoked. How dare he!? My heart is totally and completely broken for her and her hubby. I know she has a beautiful daughter and she will help pull her back but as wel all know a broken heart never completely heals! The loss is still there for a while. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers... she deserves soo much and not this shit. I pray that when she goes to her appointment to confirm that everything is gone.... IT IS HER LAST APPT THERE!

As for me... I am taking sympathy pain to a whole new level... nevermind I dreamt on Sunday she lost the baby and that is when things started to go bad for her... but I started having cramping and really bad back pain... THEN TODAY I WOKE UP AND I AM BLEEDING! 2 weeks later umm gives new meaning to early period. Not sure what to think... hoping it means I can start the stims but have to hear back from the doctor's office first. Nurse didn't call me back today and I was too busy to realize whent he day was over.... so its not a day 1 full flow anyways.. but I am thiniking that will be tomorrow... IF IF IF IF IF I am able to start now then it works out that ER and ET are on the week that I am already booked off... so I just extend it to 2 weeks and BOOM it is perfect timing.

What a wild couple of days.


Cathleen said...

Some people have no business practicing medicine. I am so sorry to hear what happened to your sister.

Amber said...

God, I am so sorry for your sister. And to deal with incompetent medical staff on top of it all is just too much. She'll be in my thoughts...

Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie

Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie
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