Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First and most importantly 130MIL --ICSI WHY AGAIN?

WOW what a day I don't even know where to start! Well ok I went into work and then I had to leave at 9 for my ultrasound... my first ultrasound of my IVF cycle.. exciting. So I got there very overfull bladder in tow and and people actually recognized me. 2 years later I am recognized... strange but kinda reassuring. So I have my ultrasound finally I can pee... note to self NEVER DRINK THAT MUCH AGAIN... I swear to you I spent the entire day peeing! Just as the bladder would empty it would fill again! I didn't want to be yelled at for an unfull bladder so now I go overboard! While I am in there it was please push on your left please push on your right side..lol Then she asked a bunch of questions about my period and my previous pregnancies... It was interesting. Then I waited for the nurse... i waited and waited and then a nurse called my name gave me my file and said they need to see you upstairs. I am not a hyperventilator but I went into totoal panic mode... OMG what is wrong?? I convinced myself something was wrong. There are no follicles and I have reached menopause or I am not really on my period (whoch is quite possible because it is soo light...but the cramps are a new version of torture!) I waited and waited I swear to you when the nurse came out and got me my I felt my heart actually stop beating... I had no colour in my face and I was sweating and shaking... We went into the room and I said oK what's wrong!? She was like O no since you are an IVF patient we are seeing you up here instead of you meeting downstairs with the regular nurses thats all. I was so relieved. After all I was worrying for nothing. First thing she did is check that the s/a came back and it was 130MILLION then she looks at me and says ummm why are you doing ICSI again? LOL! After explaining the whole thing again she was like ok well Doctor's orders so that takes presedence. I couldn't believe it that was it.. go buy your meds and tada!! Well I bought my meds got my pack and away I went... I went back to work and then had to leave again at 2:45 for my acupuncture appt.. that also went really well. HOORAY FOR ME! PINS AND NEEDLES AlL OVER AGAIN! ;) Hence the title of the blog...it works on 2 levels.. LOL!
I got home and had a voicemail telling me to start the meds tomorrow bloodwork looks fine. UMM I thought I was supposed to start tonight? O good grief! ALready a little confusion! That is ok though things only work well when there is a little stress for me. I need a little drama! ;)
O and my friend had her ultrasound today and she is 6w 5 days with one baby and one very large sac. HB was 150. Hooray keep up the good thoughts! I was so thrilled to get her e-mail today telling me the good news. SO I start my meds tomorrow 225iu of Gonal-f. THAT IS ALOT OF MEDICATION DAILY - return on Saturday morning! Probably start the cetrotide then as well. Going to keep up the acupuncture so that means back to that again on Thursday. I already had a chat with my 15 potential follicles on the left and 20 on teh right.. NOW is not the time to start misbehaving save that for after you are born.. Just grow and bury yourself into the cushiness!!

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Anonymous said...

That's right. You tell those follies who's boss!

Good luck!!!

Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie

Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie
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