Thursday, August 14, 2008

Girl I think you slipped outta gear!

Had my acupuncture this morning and shot myself up tonight with yet more meds! I already have moer meds in my system by day 4 than i did with my IUI's until day 15! HOLD ONTO YOUR HAT the bitch is coming back! Today I snapped at someone several times at work... good thing they are off for a couple days... I need to learn how to behave! The headache set in late in teh afternoon but totally doable. What I am having an issue with is my brain is totally scatterbrained.... to that end I forgot i had the car and was workign away working waiting for hubby to pick me up when he pings me and says hello... and i am like HI! THen I realize O SHIT I HAVE THE CAR! I am only 20 minutes late picking him up! Totally zoned out.. BRAINDEAD ME! OOPS... OK so yesterday I forgot to put what makes me laugh so tonight its a double!
What made me laugh today was my coworker at lunch... dude made a little person out of a piece of torn paper and straw condom... arms moved and everything... THEN the other guy made a penis on it... I laughed soo hard... it was soo funny! The double is that after he made it they put it on top of a plant.... TOO FUNNY! He took a picture so maybe I can share it! LOL! I laughed so hard... and all afternoon through the stress I just kept thinking and laughing! Well I am friggin exhausted again tongiht so I am heading to bed even earlier tonight! ONE OTHER THING... this GONAL-F is making me thirsty!! (think pretzels --- Friends afficionados will get the joke!) but seriously I drink soooooo much water its crazy!

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Kat said...

Hehehe you are getting pregnancy brain already!!!

Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie

Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie
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