Saturday, August 30, 2008


OMG OMG OMG I just had the most terrifying experience.
STUPID OVEN! I HATE IT! I was warming it up and all of a sudden it started to smoke.. so i went to the oven to turn it off.... and it went poof like a little explosion inside... then I look down and there are flames inside the friggin oven! I scream to my husband OMG FIRE!! Man you never saw him move so fast... then realize we don't have a fire extinguisher.. He came upstiars and the fire was out but I couldn't breathe from all the thick black smoke and we had to open all the doors and windows and turn on the fans... He is freaking out and I am trying to turn off the alarm upstairs... it was soo smoky in here.. freaked me right out. I couldn't breathe and I am running around the house coughing and choking.. my hubby is smart he has a shirt over his mouth to breathe. I have no idea what the hell happened... I cooked chicken wings in there last and there was no black spots on the bottom of it... so I thought it would be ok to cook in it.... He scraped the bottom the best he could... and I will try to do it again but obviously I need to do the self clean thing.. but I am not turning it on again anytime soon! Scariest moment I have ever had! I feel like a total idiot.. but I just cannot figure out how that happened. My thought everytime and I mean everytime I cook is omg what if the stove explodes... now that it pretty much did I don't think I can cook in it anymore. I am afraid of the oven ... great... after all the time we waited for it now this. Well anyways.. the only thing we can think of is that when the wings were cooking some oil spilled on the bottom and when it heated up it caught fire. O and yes I am an idiot! I know I am I feel like one.
I started my stims today just after this was all over with... there is that drama I was looking for!


Kat said...

OMG that is SCARY! One of my worst fears is something catching fire in the house! I'm so relieved that you guys are OK and didn't have any bad damage. On the bright side, better this type of drama rather than stuff to do with getting pregnant! Go eggies!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like starting your cycle off with a bang! :) You poor thing, that would have scared the crap out of me.

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Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie
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