Thursday, August 07, 2008

4 Hours and last 2 pills

Four hours sleep last night. WOHOO! I love it... I survived the day and I am feeling a little tired now so maybe a ful night tonight!? I finished the last 2 pills today (silent woohoo) So hopefully the sleepless nights are over! THank you for sending over the sheep i counted up to over 1000 last night.. seems to have doen the trick!
OK so funny thing.. What made me laugh today? HMM I read a wonderful blog that brough such a huge smile to my face... this woman overcomes soo many challenges and keeps going and she is truly an inspiration. THank you for making me smile! :)


Amber said...

It's a goofy trick, but when I can't sleep I try to recite names in alphabetical order. Either all girl's names or all boy's names. Sometimes I go only for names I would consider or names I'd never use. I know it sounds weird, but it works for me. Sometimes I don't make it to Z on the first round, sometimes I make it a round and a half. But I always wind up eventually boring myself to sleep...

Good luck!

Niki said...

Hoping AF visits you soon! Hmm... no white pants/capris/shorts/skirts. How about light colored chinos? Or better yet put on your most expensive pair of sexy undies and that will surely bring the witch out of hiding ... she loves to ruin a great pair of panties! ;) I'm wishing you the best and can't wait for you to start your IVF cycle!

Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie

Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie
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