Sunday, August 10, 2008


Well I am sure you all realize that my blog got a face uplift. I hope you like it...I figured it was time... I had been working on it for longer than I am willing to admit and with some help from a good friend who showed me how simple things can be instead of always looking for the hard way to do things... (thanks "baby") I thought it was time to put a face on here. We are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in September and its been almost as long that we have been TTC. I am so hoping this end of the journey will be happy one. On that note I am finally spotting... silent WOOHOO! That should make tomorrow DAY 1 which means I start stimming on Tuesday.
Laughter is great medicine. On that note thank you kat! I accidentally stated several nights ago that I had a night of uninterrupted sex when I OBVIOUSLY meant SLEEP! SLEEP!! NOT SEX! Rather large difference! LOL! HEE HEE!! I had a good laugh at that one.. I even shared it with my hubby who also laughed then thought.. .hmm maybe it was a subconcious thing telling you we need to pull an "all nighter" HA HA! NEVER HAPPEN!! I am too old and too tired!
Anywhoo I learned some new things while watching tv today I thought I would share. Did you know that cranberry's were in pemmecin? Did you also know that cranberries are in COSMOS? So from now on while trying to avoid UTI's have a cosmo several times a week! LOL! If (espoecially women) drank a glass of cranberry juice a day they would be able to ward off the bacteria that builds up in the urinary tract.. Now for the really interesting thing. Cranberry cocktail has little to NO REAL CRANBERRY JUICE! So if you were thinking that drinking cranberru cocktail was doing anything.. you are wrong. Isn't that good to know. I am so limited to what I can and can't drink as it is I always thought that dam juice was not only going to be good for me but tasty as well. One last thought... please keep good thoughts for my friend.. (I mentioned her perviously) her 8 week ultrasound is Tuesday. Thank you. She needs all the positive thoughts and prayers she can get.

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Kat said...

Hehehe :-)

Adding in a not so silent Woohoo for you! I'm so excited for you to get things started!!!

Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie

Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie
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