Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I started the provera and started to get cramps and moodiness within days. Then Monday night I couldn't sleep... I figured it was cause I was jsut coming back from vacation and I was nervous.. then again Tuesday night a couple hours of sleep and I am wide awake I have never ever experienced insomnia before... it is tryly horrible. I want to sleep! I NEED TO SLEEP! BUT I CANNOT! After tossing and turning a hundred times and waking up poor sleeping hubby I decided to come downstairs... so I come down at 2am and watch tv for hours and then i hear hubby screaming for me... I begrudgingly come back to bed and lay there with my eyes open for hours. That didn't help... I am so desperate for sleep... I have never gone 2 nights without sleep.. I know you are laughing at me thinking its good prep for when we finally have a baby... don't think that doesn't occur to me... however I need sleep and there is just no reason for not sleeping. Apparently this is a side effect of higher doses of provera. I am so so so glad that tomorrow is my last 2 pills! WOO HOO!!! Then my friend can come and we can get started. Please send me good sleep thoughts for tonight... If I can get 6 hours I would be so happy!! Is that asking for too much?


Amber said...

I'm sorry - how frustrating! And screw anyone who says it's good practice for a baby. The one good thing about infertility is the uninterrupted sleep! We deserve it! Good luck tonight...

Kat said...

Ick! Lack of sleep is one of the most awful things ever! Have you tried anything to help? I find the following help me:
1)Warm tea before bed
2)Taking a Calcium & Magnesium supplement about 20 min before going to bed
3)Doing about 20 min of relaxing yoga poses (nothing crazy at all! Mostly breathing exercises and soft stretches) in the evening

Hopefully once AF arrives it will get better! Sending you sleepy vibes tonight!

Kat said...

Ha! I just noticed when I wrote tea, I meant herbal tea of course, no caffeine!!!

Anonymous said...

That sounds miserable. I second the acupuncture suggestion or what about Benadryl?...that knocks me on my butt...

Hope you get some sleep tonight!

Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie

Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie
Always on our minds, Forever in our hearts (June 28, 2006)