Sunday, August 03, 2008

two years worth of blogs in 6 hours!

I found this incredible blog today and I basically spent a full day reading this woman's journey.... SHe is INCREDIBLE! I am not only astounded at her strength and determination but I am shocked at how no matter what life throws at her she is confidant and positive and praises God for everything. She was truly blessed with beautiful children and I only wish that all of us are so fortunate! I started my provera today so I guess I am almost officially started onto this roller coaster. I have the cramps so I know it will work soon... I am excited and nervous all at once. THis will be a great month!! I want to be like the little engine that could... I THINK I CAN I THINK I CAN! On another note my sister left my niece with us on Friday since we were on vacation and I just cannot tell you how much love I have for that child. I swear to you I cannot imagine loving anyone more than I love her. We had so much fun when she first arrived she wanted to play a game so we played then we went upstairs and woke up uncle Roy. She gave him a kiss and he woke up with this smile... then she decided to jump up and down on the bed and tickle him... I really hope that one day we can wake "daddy" up like that... What I meant to say is I look forward to the day we do that. :) Once we were all awake she decided she wanted to dance to her new favorite song. "Bleed it out" by Linkin Park.
She dances soo funny... just jumps around... I showed her how to throw your fist int he ari while dancing and videotaped it... it was very funny. I can't share it online but you just have to rust me its adorable! We then started to bake cookies... and cupcakes... very different looking cupcakes and hand cookies. Here are some pictures..

I let her do alot of the work. I let her help crack the egg and mix the ingredients both with the whisk and with the mixer. SHe also helped scoop the batter into the cones and decorate the cookies and frost the cupcakes. She really loved helping auntie. Soon after we finished with that it was time to go "nini" (sleep) I put her upstairs in her "princess bed" and read her some stories and made her promise me that she would sleep, I told her that if she sleeps that she would have a present waiting for her when she woke up. About an hour later I was in the kitchen and I could just sense that someone was watching me. I turn around and there is Carmie sitting on the stair with her woofy in her hands.. Auntie I slept where is my present? I laughed and said O no you don't. I took her back upstairs and gave her a stern talking to. She promised me she would sleep.... and then said AUntie I don't like this bed. So I put her to sleep in our bed instead. This little sweetheart sleeps with about 10 dolls... stuffed animals etc. I think the bed she was in was too small.. once I put her in our bed I checkd on her about 30 minutes later she was fast asleep snoring. WHEW! I was exhausted!! She slept for a good 2 hours! Woke up and I brought her downstairs and she asked for her present.. which I happily gave her. It was a new stuffed toy that unzips and has a blanket that come out. Then I took her downstairs to see daddy who had arrived earlier and was in the basement with my hubby. She came back upsiars aned wanted tot go outside and water the plants so I let her do that as well... right after her cupcake. Soon my sister came home I showed her the pics and videos I took and then we went back to her place to hang out. What a great day it was alot of fun!

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Kat said...

Awwww that's so cute!I can just picture her dancing all goofy :-) Those cookies do look good! Good luck with the provera, hope AF comes and goes quickly so you can get preggo!!!

Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie

Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie
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