Thursday, March 09, 2006

March 2,3 2006 Second IUI

Well Happy Valentines Day! AF ARRIVED!
On day 3 went for my day 3 ultrasound fully anticipating cysts soory we have to cancel this cycle...... BUT instead I got an all clear go ahead and start the Gonal-F! Shocked me I was still in shock 10 days later! Took teh injections every night @ 6pm. BUt ironically my Right side was too tough I couldn't push the needle through.... So I just focused on the left. It was ok.... by around cd15 I was tired of the daily appointments and ultrasounds and bloodwork.... the first couple time I was happy but this month I am tired... I was warned about the difference between pills and injections but I said eh I can handle it. It caught up with me. I started dreading the daily prick of the needle the headaches that I got from them and everything they stood for. Day 16 came and I was rady to get the injection I had 3 eggs only but they are good eggs and they are ripe and ready. Pam the nurse came in and said that there was some concern that I was overstimulating. She gave me an information sheet and now I am freaking out a little bit. The Dr comes in and he says sorry no HCG trigger until we get your bloodwork later today. Can you come back? Sure of course I can. SO I wait on baited breath for their call...which AGAIN doesnt come so I call and call and call over again. Finally I get someone they said I culd have the shot as long as my E2 level didn't go over 6000. My level went to 6090. I begged them to talk to my Dr and so they did and called m soon can you come... I WILL be ther in 15 minutes I hopped in my car and I was there in 20 minutes I got my trigger and came back to work. I am really blessed that I work for a company who allows me to got my appts. I always make up the time so its never a real issue....
Again we go for our first IUI but this time its a Thursday!! Go in and first time get Chinese Dr and Roy's count is 77M WOW see he really is SUPERMAN!! Roy goes back to work I go home and work from home for rest of day.... resting in my trackpants... Go back on Friday and his count is 45.3M I told you SUPERMAN!! Dr G is the Dr and he says wow we don't see that here often... Roy and I both panick...see what?? That high a count he says. WOW well thanks DOCTOR! That makes him feel GREAT! So now we are in the 2WW symptoms.... well everything I experience is due to my friend Progesterone... tender boobs, nausea, backache, cramps, lightheadedness.... I will update next week once I have tested.... Fingers crossed my next posting will be an announcement. ;)

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Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie

Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie
Always on our minds, Forever in our hearts (June 28, 2006)