Thursday, March 09, 2006

January 27th FIRST IUI

Well this month has just sped forward so fast. Today I had my first IUI ok so at first I was nervous... A LOT nervous had the trigger yesterday and feeling like I am ready now. So we went in (Thank God it was on a weekend I mean how do you explain that to people....) It was so nerver racking and poor Roy he was really feeling the pressure...ok no pun intended....or is there?? WE dropped off the sample at 7:30...there should be a law against a man having to wake up THAT early to produce a sample on a weekend!!!! There were 14 other women having the same procedure at the same day so it was going to be a busy day!! FOR ALL INVOLVED! I went in and gave my name they gave me the key and I unlocked the cubby and placed his sample in and left. Had to return at 10:30... We decided to go for breakfast at Mc D's to help calm our nerves ok so stomach was in knots just thinking about it...We showed up at 10:30 and around 11:45 they called our names go in the room remove bottoms lay on the bed with legs in the dreaded stirrups and wait. Poor Roy has NEVER been in the room with me during an exam before and he didn't know what to do. I feel its important for him to be in the room so I made him come in. OF COURSE it is the West Indian doctor not my specialist... first time and not a Dr I know... great! TMI so those of you with weak stomachs stop reading now.... The dr jacked me open...with that speculum thing and sucked up Superman's boys (45.5M post wash) with a syringe and then he puts in a thin catheter and o but wait.... he cannot seem to find the cervix... he starts poking around in there and I am wincing it just feels really uncomfortable not painful.. Roy says are you hurting her... Love the guy but SHUT UP! The dr says yes it would be great if women had tattoos turn left here etc... ha ha the boys have a laugh and then he announces he is in!! Time for the swimmers to do their work.. Great CM too so thats a great thing. Came back next day to drop off the sample but everyone is waiting outside.... It seems that someone tried to break in to the clinic and broke the lock.... All the IUI poeple are sitting in the cars with their samples tucked between their breasts/legs desperately trying to keep the boys warm.... FINALLY after pretty much everyone walked up to the door and gave it a good shake and pounding it opened... Well you never seen people run into that place so fast...and everyone asking the same question... how will this affect my sample... they are supposed to be at the clinic within an hour of producing it and now its been 2 hours minimum. They assure us everything will be fine come back at regular time and they will do procedure. We come back and the dr is MY DOCTOR!! I was so relieved! The count was 7M which is a little low... but since there was some spillage and we only got into the clinic 2 hours later... we weren't surprised... DR G is wonderful and SOO FAST no sooner am I jacked open but I am done and laying there resting. AWESOME! Come back in 2 weeks if no af and O yes please don't forget to take these little white bullets of progesterone twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening... yes they are suppositories! O THE JOY JUST NEVER ENDS!
So I do it and every twinge, every swelling of the boobs or cramp I am thinking OMG this is it! Could this be it!? Well Tiff cons me into testing earlier than scheduled at home and we see its negative so I knew it was a NO. Still no af by official test date so I go in for pregnancy test..... keeping my fingers crossed I call later that day... no answer, call again no answer......Then the inlaws come over.... well I am carrying around the phone in my pants anxiously waiting the call.... THAT NEVER CAME!
We woke up on Sunday morning and Roy said hey lets call now while we are still in bed... so I called and with both of us listening heard it was negative... He looked so heartbroken.... Its ok there is always next time.

Except I am infamous for having cysts after each treatment so it will be a month or two before I get to attempt it again.

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Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie

Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie
Always on our minds, Forever in our hearts (June 28, 2006)