Monday, September 15, 2008

So much to tell.......

OK BAD BLOGGER I KNOW!! Soo much has happened.... This is going to be a long one... but the good news is I have lots and lots of pictures to share!

First of all Friday September 12, 2008 was our 10th wedding anniversary. I woke up and noticed tehre was a big black box with a key lock on the tv unit so I picked it up and there was a note.... FIRST OF ALL my hubby and I have a sick sense of humour at times... So the note said "DICK IN A BOX?" For those of you who haven't seen the video... here it is below

Anyways now that it is in context!! Here is the picture of what he did for me... I must admit I laughed my ass off.....

I open it up and realize he has a game planned..... OK for those of you who are thinking this is normal for him... I will tell you that in 10 years of marriage this is THE MOST ROMANTIC THING HE HAS EVER DONE! He is never romantic like this.... the timing was just perfect because I had triggered on Thursday night and was starting to feel it and getting nervous about the egg retrieval on Saturday so this helped to just put my mind on something else for a while! More on that little adventure later! ;)

So I called him and kept asking whats in the box.. and he said have patience!! LOL! I laughed and said ok well where is the key.. he said not in the house so I took that at face value... well 2pm comes rolling around and wouldn't you know it there is a knock at the door... (sounded like the dude was going to knock through the door) anyways I open it and there is this man standing there with this beautiful boquet of chocolate covered strawberries! Here is a pic of the before I opened it and then after as well...

Here is a pic right after the delivery

The opened basket... mmmmmmmmm chocolate covered strawberries!! MY FAVORITE!

Well I look at the card attached and OMG if there wasn't a clue attached. Here is the clue:

Well I start laughing like a giddy little school girl its a riddle... I am soo excited so I run out to the backyard and find this in the blue bin.....

NOT A TAMPON its a scroll with another clue

This is the scroll unrolled

It says third floor spare bathroom... you have to put the 2 pieces together and hold them to the light to read them... yes this took me a couple minutes to figure out... I admit it.

This led me to the basement fridge... this time I had a gift with the clue

Diamond earrings... very beautiful! Did I mention I am a lucky lady!?

I mistakenly thought this was the last clue.. LOL OK so I had a dumb day! LOL!

This was supposed to lead me to our yearbook from 1994 but I didn't read into it the way he expected and I found clue #9 instead next.. .LOL eventually I figured out (with help from hubby) that I had missed the actual idea... LOL some days I am just so dense..

This one was the hardest yet.. It was supposed to lead me to the PS3!! I wasn't really getting that needed a little more of a clue.... LOL!! The Memory part is because the clue was in the memory card section of the PS3 he obviously thinks I am smarter than I am!

Who says Higily Wigilty do?? HAHAHAHAHAHA This led me to the warming drawer in our oven. That one was easy! LOL

This led me to the closet where the clue was hanging from the celining... too funny....

This is a picture he had taken with the camera... what is soo funny.... is that my memory card broke and I deleted alot of the pics on it that morning so this one needed a new clue.. he said eagle.. if I told yu how many eagles we have in this friggin house... pictures and drawings and stuffed animals and carvings... NOT MUCH OF A CLUE!!!! It was behind the big eagle painting oon the wall upstairs... and also along with that there was a gift certificate to Turtle Jacks... my fav place!!! :)

This one was a little obvious... each clue had a letter and needed to unscramble it to reveal ROYS KEYS! Hooray I can finally open the black box! OK So I open the black box and inside it is a black shirt with swarovski crystals all over it... Really really pretty... so I read the card that is with it and discover that these crystals are in a pattern.... this is what the stars looked like the night we got married. A really unique and really cool gift!
What a fantastic day! We then went out to Turtle Jacks for dinner... my favorite place and I pigged out on my fav foods.... the last meal before retrieval the next morning!
We arrived for the retrieval and I took my ativan to help calm me down... what can I say.. well it just made me smile and giggle and feel weird and then we were called to the back room I got changed and put on my gown and hubby put on his gown and mask and booties and hat... yes the hat is too small for his big head... hilarious!!! The nurse came in and put in my IV and then shortly after that we were taken to the OR. I was soo greatful that he was allowed to come into the OR with me. I got up on the table and breathed slowly and then the doctor came in. He would tell me what he was doing... i.e I am inserting the needle now.. which was fine but I instantly started cramping... then he was pushing the needle into the ovaries and sucking out the fluid (eggs hopefully) and suddenly I started feeling alot of pain... my lovely husband who was hidden behind the mask.... well his eyes just told me how scared he was... he could tell I was in alot of pain... He grabbed my hand and squeezed it so tightly and he would watch them and say ok this one is almost done.... then they would move on to the next one. I still don't understand why they give you an IV with pain meds if you feel things!!!!! Eventually it was over and the embryologist came in and announced we got 18 eggs! WOW! I was soo happy about that. I had such high hopes. We went back to recovery and instantly I felt sick.. I lay there thinking OMG I am going to be sick so my hubby (who has been through this before with me-- I always have bad reactions to anaesthetic) grabs me one of those containers and I start holding it in front of me wretching. There wasn't really anything to throw up because I hadn't eaten in 12 hours but still i knew I was going to puke.. There was this noise... bang bang bang not sure if it was the pipes or what but it was driving both of us nuts! Eventually I did throw up several times and the nurse came in and put a cold washcloth on my head.. My husband was rubbing my feet and trying to make me feel better... his idea of making me feel better is bring it up don't keep it down.. just throw up... OK how about I poke you in your insides with a needle 18-20 times and then see if you want to wretch and throw up!? MEN! Eventually the nurse brought me a dextrose bag and once it pushed through my IV and I drank an applejuice I started to feel better... we were there for a loooonng time though.... we were there after the clinic had closed.... LOL! Typical for me. Once I started to feel better my poor hubby was spent.... he asked if it was ok that he go out and get a coffee poor guy was starving.. and the banging on the pipes were driving him nuts... LOL! So I told him to go get a Tim Hortons coffee but DONT BRING IT BACK IN WITH HIM! Once he got back I was feeling much better and my BP dropped back to normal and I had run through the IV bag. He told me that he was locked out cause the place was closed... so he had to wait for someone to leave before he could get back in... I laughed so hard... again TYPICAL OF OUR LIVES! She took out the IV and I was able to get dressed. I absolutely LOVED LOVED the nurse that was there she was so concerned about me and tended to me.. I really appreciated it. She obviously loves her job. Below are 2 pictures one of me after the transfer and one of my husband after the transfer lookin so good in his "scrubs" I look like crap but I survived! :)

Here he is massaging my feet... and trying to make a sexy face.... it looks like he is having a stroke doesn't it!?

Here is me just before the wave of nausea hits me and I get sick.
I came home after the retrieval and literally passed out I was feeling soo sore and so sick. I could hardly walk I was in so much pain but eventually (3 days later I am almost completely pain free) A little pain for a HUGE GAIN!
The next day I woke up to my hubby writing a note and attaching it to the balloon. He is such a kid at heart some days!! The note has his e-mail addy and released it and is hoping for someone to send an email so we can see how far it made it! Here is a pic of it flying away! We watched it from the front of the house and it went high really fast... I wonder if we will get an e-mail?

TO BE CONTINUED............................................


Kat said...

Wow! You hubby sure put a lot of thought and work into your present! That's awesome! I'm glad you guys had a fun day.

Hope you are feeling better after the retrieval and that all is well. Can't wait for an update. Thinking and praying for you!


starologie said...

Congratulations on your anniversary and best wishes on your journey. I came across this blog almost by accident when looking at the links to our site, but I am glad that I did. I hope you don't mind my posting a comment, but I just wanted to say thank you. I started Starologie to celebrate beautiful stories like yours and your husbands. I wish you a lifetime full of happy Star Stories, each one better than the last.


Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie

Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie
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