Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I have how many????? I AM NOT A CONTORTIONIST!

I went in for my appt and was stunned to find out that I have 17 good size follicles on the Left and 15 good size ones on the Right. Well that would explain why my belly feels bloated and full... LOL! I am not suffering too badly considering my e2 yesterday was 11,000! Here I am in the ultrasound room.. with a wand up the wazzoo and the lady says (after about 10 minutes on the right side!!) OK now we are moving on to the left side.. however we have discovered that my LEFT ovary is up really high and hides behind the uterus. So once she gets in she is like ok I really need to get up far lift your bum... lift my what??? HOW THE HECK DO I DO THAT?? So with this wand up the wazoo I am now becoming a contortionist and I am lifting up my but in the air and tryin not to drop my pelvis.. while she is pushing the wand up against my aching swollen ovaries to take pictures... WOO HOO FUN! Can't wait to do it again tomorrow. AND YES the ultrasounds have reached a point now where they HURT!!!!!!! Pain that shoots through your ovaries down through your vajay jay down your legs and out through your toes. I don't recommend it... but its a neccesity... I think I am down to about 1-2 days till trigger. I have already bought the meds... i have the progesterone to shove up the butt, I have the ativan tablets to calm me down prior to retrieval and O YES the HCG which I have to mix and inject 36 hours before the retrieval. I feel like maybe I am glutton for punishment because I am semi looking forward to it. AM I CRAZY!?? Probably!


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! That is ALOT of eggs!

Kat said...

Nice going SMK's ovaries! You came through!!! I totally would be looking forward to it too! Good luck today, hope you can trigger soon! We are definitely going to be 'cycle buddies', I trigger tonight!!!

Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie

Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie
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