Friday, September 19, 2008

3dp3dt - A nightmare morning

I woke up this morning in excutiating pain. I just lay there screaming and crying.... I cannot remember ever having that kind of pain in my abdomen before.. it was also accompanied by throwing up and diarrhea. It was just horrible. I called my poor sister just bawling my eyes out and screaming and she got my hubby to come home... I was soo panicked that something was terribly wrong. I finally called the clinic and told them what was happening and they told me to com in immediately that I was overstimulating. As I am on the phone with the nurse she asks me how many times I had thrown up.. and I said 3 this morning... uh oh about to be 4. And right then and there I throw up while on the phone with her... Finally my hubby came home and took me to the clinic and after many hours there and bloodwork and ultrasounds and a fever we discovered that yes I do have extremely swollen ovaries and fluid. I neeed to be very careful and rest. I am not on bedrest but I am not to be up and about for more than an hour at a time... and I am to rest. I also have to measure my abdomen and fluid intake/urine output and weight and report these to the clinic every morning at 7:30am and if there is something concerning I will possibly need to go in for another ultrasound and bloodwork. I will admit I feel best when I am laying down so I did lay down most of the day but I am still being good and drinking my gatorade. What a frightening day overall. Next week I will be working from home because the doctor doesn't want me to be up and about so much for the next week.... I am very lucky that I can work from home and have an understanding manager. I read the other day a great saying and I think it applies here... We never stop going through pain for our kids and its always worth it! I agree ....

Now for the funny part

My husband is sweet and adorable and panicked and extremely petrified that something bad is going to happen to the kids..... (in utero) I am trying to be positive and talk to them but since it is our only chance we are extremely sensitive!

Well there we are at the clinic and he is talking to the blood lady asking for a pregnancy test or can they test me for the toxiplasmosis... poor woman is like why did I come to this room!?

THEN we are in teh ultrasound room I am laying there while she is scanning me and what does he ask.. are the EGGS ok? I shoot him a look and say EMBRYOS!!! She reassures me and him that they are well protected. He literally leans back on the wall and the dimmed lights suddenly become bright! Thats right he leaned on the dimmer....... This is my husband... then he is asking of we can see the AGAIN EGGS I correct him EMBRYOS he wants to see them on the screen!!! THEY ARE TOO SMALL! OMG I look at him and say zip it! He is a little embearassed but does he stop!?? O NO he is asking what she is seeing and if the ulttrasound machine is warmed because the jelly is so cold...the woman is laughing and explaining everything to him tho and has a good sense of humour about it... she wasa as gentle as she culd be and I am sure he was talked about with the nurses in break room toay... HE IS LUCKY HE IS SOOO CUTE!! LOL!! He had to help me walk around and I made him carry my purse as punishment!

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Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie

Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie
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