Tuesday, September 09, 2008

ER scheduled for this weekend???

CAN IT BE TRUE? I had my appt this morning and the u/s from hell alongside it. OK for those of you women who have met MR wand.. they stick it up there and slowly go one to the other.. this woman.. would go up there push up to get the size then drop the friggin wand between each measurment.. HELLO THAT IS IN MY CROTCH LADY>>> OW! MORONS! Well as of today I have about 17 follies that are measuring over 1 and quite a few that are measuring 1.4... well tehy call me upstairs and another nurse joins us so I am figuring that this is a bad sign and she is there for moral support... BUT I get there and get handed all this info on OHSS... which I kinda figured I had already.. and then we discussed ER. OMG Its gonna be this weekend... they gave me all the meds and everythign.. it's so real to me I am having a total panic attack! Then I went to my acupuncture appt and I am starting to feel pretty good about it. The acu really helps. I wish I could explain it... but the bloating seems to have gone down and I didn't get a call today from the clinic so I stayed on the 37.5 and back again I go tomorrow morning! I think tomorrow may be my last appt... maybe maybe Thursday! Then I trigger and its a waiting game. I am nervous but excited.

OK on another note... I was reading a book to my niece this morning and I just had to post a picture... A SIGN OF THE TIMES!!!!! LOL! I just found it really funny.

Edit -- The book is Curious George Learns the Alphabet! ;)


Niki said...

Best wishes my dear!

Kat said...

Super exciting!!!
And thanks for the laugh (what book is that anyways?)!

Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie

Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie
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