Thursday, January 08, 2009

Second Last Day of Vacation

Tomorrow is my last day of vacation.... I am sad to see it end but I sadly miss my friends at work. Isn't that pathetic? I have loved my time off with my husband... we have had alot fun and smiled and laughed more than usual.. It's been great. It sucks we go back to work and the daily grind comes back and so does the misery. I do not want this year to be the same old same old. I want to have more fun and smile and laugh and just do things I haven't done or we haven't done before. We made a snowman together that was so much fun and we come home tonight after a day of fun to discover someone has punched the face off it. I know its made of snow and its stupid but I was really upset... who does that!? Someone takes the time to create something on their property and people think its ok to go up and destroy it? I am sure I know which of the kids on the street did it and they better not let me catch them doing it again. GROW UP YOU PATHETIC LITTLE BRATS! OK so I am still a little perturbed about it. Whatever! I won't let that ruin my day. We went shopping together.. his parents bought us some clothes that didn't fit so we went to exchange it and it turned into me finding lots of really nice clothes for him. It was kinda fun finding all these shirts and pants that were really nice and also on sale. I LOVE SALES! So the secret is that I hate shopping!! I HATE IT! But today was so much fun I even tried on jeans that made me look dare I say it... hot... ! YES I bought them and the same pair in black as well as blue! Hee hee... Now I need to work on losing my bloated belly..... Then I won't be ashamed to wear sexy tops again! For now I just feel fat! I never thought I would see the day I would feel fat but I am and I do.

OK I had to edit the post to include this really cool little thing... My husband is petrified of spiders.... I apologize ahead of time for the photo below if you are afraid of them too... My mother laughs that he vaccuums them up because he is so scared of them or he calls me down to kill them. For Christmas he got a critter catcher. (see photo below) I had to use it tonight because he saw a little spider and I have to share with you that yes... it works!! Here are 2 pics of the catcher... and the last one shows the little guy I caught.. and yes after his photo session I did release him outside. Ironically probably froze to death cause its -10 outside currently... and there is lots of snow. O well I had to share. Again I am sorry if the pic of spidey bothers you. ( I made that particular pic smaller so it won't stick out) As a child I loved catching critters and playing with them so I am not bothered by any of the creepy crawlies. LOL!

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Kat said...

Oooh are you gonna post a pic of your new sexy jeans? ;-)

Sorry about your snowman, kids can be punks sometimes :-(

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Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie
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