Friday, July 18, 2008

Every embryo is made up of 4 grandparents chromosomes pick your inlaws wisely....

Last night went to the IVF info session it was awesome got a tour of the lab and a tour of the recovery room over 2 hours of listening to the embryologist and nurse and doctor. Alot of the stuff I already knew but I actually learned some stuff too. We even got to see a live video of an ICSI procedure. I loved every second it was like the coolest course ever. I wish I was an embryologist... o if I could do it all over again I would study to be a doctor... an infertility specialist, perhaps even an embryologist. He was a total sweetheart and I really found the whole experience fulfilling and heartwarming. Bizarre I know but it really was. I cannot believe hoe prepared I feel this time. I know exactly what to expect and I am almost looking forward to it. I was sitting here thinking the other day.... just how different life is now or how different life would be if everything hadn't gotten so screwed up. I realized that my girls would be running around the house and causing trouble and doing all those things 2 year olds do. I can just see them with their blond hair in pig tails chasing each other around the house. Life is the opposite of what I thought it would be. I never imagined that in order to have a child I would spend most of my marriage going through such horrible unimaginable things and becoming obsessed with basal temparatures and cervical mucus and twinges of pain. What an odd way to have a child... the process of sticking a needle through a vaginal wall to poke many holes into the ovaries to suck out the follicular fluid -- i learned that last night... its the fluid not the eggs... silly me thought it was an egg they suk out but they dont know if there is an egg on the ultrasounds they can only see the fluid surroudning what they hope is an egg... we truly don't know if an egg is there until they get into the lab and separate them all out. Did I mention I thought itwas cool to learn that stuff? I am such a geek! Anyways not really how I pictured having a baby but if it works it is totally worth it. There are soo many women out there who have been blessed by this intervention of science. I hope to be one of those women! I am going to be the most loving mother who will dedicate her entire life to her child. I really believe that DH will be an amazing father too! He makes me laugh soo friggin hard some times... just the other day we were laughing our faces off I actually had tears running down my face from laughing at his half stache. Sorry inside joke.. and then there was the yoga pose. OMG HA HA! Anyways a couple more weeks of this and then the fun begins.

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Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie

Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie
Always on our minds, Forever in our hearts (June 28, 2006)