Tuesday, July 29, 2008

and the shocks keep comin!

Today I was scared out of my mind I had an appt with hubby to see the counsellor but I was freaked out cause I knew he wouldn't want to go.... so I chose not to tell him what the appt was about. Selfish yes but I know him and this was better... We went to the appt and I was so nervous I thought I actually was going to throw up. I told him on the way that this was an appt that was mandatory and I tried to get out of it.. which I did. But that it will be over quickly and we just have to talk to this person. Once we got in the room I looked at him and I could see in his face that look... that omg look... but it quickly turned to that its ok look. We sat in the chairs and we smiled at each other and we were very honest about how we felt. She taleked a little about the girls but soo much less than I expected. She was impressed with how prepared we were and how supportive of each other. She could really tell that we were a strong couple and you know I never really looked at it that way, but that is not the first time someone has said that to me. We have overcome alot in our marriage and I know that no matter what he will always be there for me. He promised that he would come in for both the the retrieval and transfer.. he was in neither last time. He also said that really he felt like my blog and online friends are my biggest supporters and tehy help me to deal with everything. OF COURSE that is true but I never realized HE KNEW THAT! LOL! Some days I just love him soo much. Tomorrow he has to go have his sample tested and then in the afternoon we sign the paperwork and pay the price... LOL pay for the procedure... I have some questions about the assisted hatching procedure and whether it is something I should be considering but aside from that I am ready to get in the cart and start this rollercoaster! Tomorrow night we have the Coldplay concert as well so that should be very exciting as well. I am sad we won't be sitting together but at the same time it's ok. Maybe we can trade in our tix for 2 seats next to each other. LOL! Any time spent with hubby is great time these days. Took me a long time to get to this point but I am really appreciating how much he is there for me and how much we have been through to get to this point. I am not naive I know that there is a chance that it won't work but even if that is the case my hope is that there are some frozen and we have that option open to us as well.... Fingers Crossed!!

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Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie

Our angels Grace Elizabeth & Anna Marie
Always on our minds, Forever in our hearts (June 28, 2006)